1. What does "to Sozialize” mean?

"Sozializing" means following other users across many social networks at a time and keep them always findable on your “My Sozialized” section in order to get in touch with them anytime an on all their social networks.

2. What’s the purpose of having a Unique Sozial ID?

Your Unique Sozial ID will be very useful for your audience. They will be able to know not just who you are on all your different social networks, but also they’ll have the ability to follow ("sozialize") you on all your networks at once. You can use your Unique Sozial ID on your network’s bio description, on your business cards, paper ads, TV adverts...Again, your Unique Sozial ID will allow your audience get access to your SozializeMe’s profile page, check all your social networks and immediately follow ("sozialize") you on all of them.

3. Can I change my Unique Sozial ID?

You Unique Sozial ID is assigned to you based on your name and lastname. There’s another field you can use when you sign up in order to get a Unque Sozial ID not based on your name and lastname. Once you’ve been provided with your Unique Sozial ID, you won’t be able to change it. However, you can use another Unique Sozial ID based on your favorite social network ID. For instance, if a user signs in with name “Antonio” and lastname “Revaliente”, his Unique Social ID will most likely be “Antonio_Revaliente”. If Antonio prefers to use his Twitter ID, which is “Revaliente”, he’ll be allowed to do so and get this Unique Sozial ID: www.sozializeme.com/twitter/revaliente.

4. Do I Need a Credit Card or Paypal?

The Sozialme is free to join and does not require any type of credit card payment. For those of you who want a premium account setup, we do have both PayPal and ProcessUSA setup to easily process credit card payments on a secure checkout page.

5. Where can I place the Sozializer Button?

The Sozializer Button goal is to complement or even replace all those “Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+...” icons on your website or blog. Whenever someone clicks on it, your SozializeMe’s profile page will be displayed so that the visitor can, at a glance, see all your social networks where you have presence and easily follow ("sozialize") you on all of them at a time.

You’ll see several designs and sizes for your SozializeMe button. Pick the one you like and simple copy and paste the code on your website or blog.

6. How can I "sozialize" someone?

Sozializing is a very easy action. Simply go to the profile page of the person you want to "sozialize" and click on the “Sozialize User” icon you’ll see aside to that user’s social networks. Then specify the networks you want to "sozialize" (follow) that user and that’s it.

7. When I "sozialize" someone, do I have to follow that user on all his/her social networks?

No. You decide the social networks you want to "sozialize" that user.

8. What happens when I "sozialize" a user?

When sozializing someone, you will immediately start following or sending requests to that user’s social networks. Plus, you’ll have that user always reachable for you on your “My Sozialized” section, so you can get in touch with him/her/it anytime and on any network.

Oops, I almost forget...your SozialScore will increase everytime you "sozialize" someone.

9. What can I user the Sozial Search for?

Same way you use Google to search for stuff, you can use the SozialSearch to look for people, blogs, and companies with social media presence. The SozialSearch will provide the search results after searching on SozializeMe, Facebook, and Twitter.

Once you’ve found the person, blog or company you were looking for, simply click and "sozialize" (;

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