SozializeMe is a private platform (hereinafter also referred to as "Service") that provides a personal space (hereafter, "Profile") through which you can make available to other users, companies or blogs that "sozialize" with you and you with them. It allows you and others to know what your degree of "socialization" (SozialScore) and helps you connect with your contacts and / or friends and make new contacts and / or friends with its Sozial Search. The platform is managed by Sozial Apptitude, SL (hereinafter, "SozializeMe" or "we").

These Terms of Use govern the access and use of the Service, whether through the website hosted under the domain names,, and (hereinafter "Website") as , if any, of SozializeMe mobile applications available to users at all times in the "Marketplaces" and / or "App Stores" of mobile terminals, as well as all content to be displayed or made available to users on the Service. Each time you access and / or use the Website or any of the services,  you are stating that you have read and agree to abide by these Terms of Use

SozializeMe reserves the right to review these Terms of Use at any time for any reason if required. In this section will report on such changes, if any.

SozializeMe recommends you to periodically consult the Terms of Use, as they may be modified. If you do not request to cancel the service, we will assume that you agree with the new conditions of use.

Access to certain content and use certain services, applications or products can be subject to particular conditions, which, depending on the case, substitute, complete and / or amend these Terms of use SozializeMe and, in case of contradiction, then the terms of the particular conditions on those stipulated in the Terms of Use.

The collection and processing of your personal data as well as the exercise of your rights to such data shall be governed by these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection has already accepted all the social networks with which you register in our service.

Notably SozializeMe only collects and displays that information with our users and users of other social networks have been discharged on these networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ ...


Any individual or business which meets the standards of service of the social networks he (it) adds to SozializeMe. It is not required to determine whether the data SozializeMe users conform to reality. SozializeMe gives users rights to the platform so they can link their profiles on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter among many others, and SozializeMe limited to perform that action, but no need or obligation to test whether ages or identities are which states that the user is.


You know and accept that there may be advertising on the Service.


SOZIALIZEME may make available to you a notification service to your inbox so you know the latest news and movements that are in your profile.

This notification service will not affect SozializeMe communications can make to:

  • Retrieve your password, if forgotten.
  • Change your email account.
  • You acknowledge and agree that these types of communications and any other of a similar nature are necessary and therefore are part of the Service.

You can send via the website the following types of invitations and requests depending on whether the recipient is registered or not on SozializeMe’s platform:

  • Invitations to unregistered users on the platform: a user can send invitations to "register" to the people you want, offering them the possibility to register with the Service and also to be part of its network of Sozialized

Submitting this invitation does not mean that your buddy or friend appears automatically registered with the Service. Your contact or friend must accept the invitation that you send and follow the registration process SozializeMe user.

SozializeMe does not store the data signals in the invitation and especially the email or the phone number of your contact. It will be you the one responding against such contact if there were any claim against our platform.

When you invite others to join SozializeMe, you will answer in front of the recipient of your invitation for any claim that it could make a SozializeMe, exempting the latter from any liability that may arise from such an invitation.

Last review May 14, 2013

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