Social Media User

Get a unique Sozial ID that reunites all your social networks together (i.e: sozialize.me/username). Visitors to your profile on SozializeMe will, at a glance, see who you are on each and every network you sign up with, and most importantly, those visitors will be able to immediately follow you across all your social networks at a time by clicking the “Sozialize User” button.

SozializeMe will help you out increase your followers across all your networks simultaneously. You will also be able to know on which networks you are being followed the most and which is the one you get followed the least thanks to our free analytics service. Don’t forget to utilize your Sozial QR on your business cards or the Sozializer Button if you own a blog.

Blog / Brand / eCommerce

SozializeMe will help you simplify the way to currently try to reach your community for them follow you across all your social networks. Thanks to the Sozializer Button on your site, your community will be able to immediately and effortlessly engage with you across all your networks in just one click.

Replace or complement all those tiny “follow me on…” social icons and place the “SozializeMe button” instead that will lead your audience to your profile on SozializeMe allowing them to immediately know who you are on each network and thus follow you rapidly across all of them.

Make the best out of our analytics service, Get to know which is the network you or your brand gets followed the most and obtain much more data about your community! Don’t forget to add your Sozializer Button on your site. It’s as simple as copy & pasting.

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